Spot the Difference

Architectural Technologists – Design residential buildings, commercial buildings, draw plans to convey their ideas, and can supervise building works

Architectural Technologists – works with Planners, Structural Engineers, Interior Designers as well as many other building professionals
Architectural Technologists – They think about , safety, aesthetics, buildability, function, structure, practical aspects, budgets, to name just a few

Some practices fees are based on a percentage of the overall scheme costs. Architectural Technologists fees are based usually on a fixed quote based on the amount of work involved.

Architectural Technologists hold Professional Indemnity insurance.

…apart from the fees, where certainly in Cadmonkies case would be a fraction of the many other practice fees, the two approach every scheme in the same way, with a passion for building, each looking for the satisfaction of a contented and happy client.

Cadmonkies undertake in excess of 120 schemes per year, more than 2 new schemes every week of the year on average, and have done so consistently for the past 12 years…

If you are investing a large sum of money into your home, you need to be assured that the person helping you develop your dream home, has the ability and track record to do the job, and to do the job well.

Every single job is individual, each with a new family, a different home, a different location, all with their very individual requirements.

Every scheme is personal…. so very personal ….it has to be in order to be able to provide you with a scheme which suits and fulfils every aspect your lifestyle, budget, brief and your wishes. Not just for today but also for the future as well.

There is a difference, and very important one…. At Cadmonkies – the initial meeting is undertaken by the same person who undertakes the survey, who draw the plans, who develops the brief, the very same person who will hold your hand, and who will look after you every step of the way.

Cadmonkies will carefully transform your house into your very own dream home.
And with the money you save…. there would be enough for you to take a holiday!
We could save you time and money, let Cadmonkies manage your digital reprographic and drawing production needs.

Computer Aided Design is an already established tool, playing a major part in our working environment. The demands placed on todays professionals is ever increasing, Digital based models provide you with the increased flexibility to successfully increase productivity.

Repetitive schemes undertaken at competitive rates.

Local Authority Planning and Building Regulations expertise with free advice, and development appraisals.

Your Local service providing you with a personal one to one working relationship.

We at Cadmonkies appreciate the start up costs involved in maintaining an in house reprographics and design service. – Capital, maintenance, training, software, and staff costs etc … invest in us, we will look after your needs freeing up your valuable time and money.

Level surveys are carried out using Leica levels, proven modern technology, legendary reputation for precision and reliability – we only use the best, you only get one chance to make the right and lasting impression – our business is our reputation.

We at Cadmonkies welcome all your feedback, comments and suggestions please send us your valued e-mail replies to – info@cadmonkies.co.uk

“Cadmonkies” is part of “The Cadmonkies Partnership”

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Professional level status has now been granted by the Governments Planning Portal – As a registered firm we can now provide online applications 24/7.

Architectural Technologists lead construction projects from design through to completion.
The difference between the two disciplines is within the specialisms that they will bring
to a project. Architectural Technologists’ training and emphasis is the science
and technology of architecture with an emphasis philosophy of architecture.
Both disciplines have their own distinct training and specialism, there is
considerable overlap between the two professions.
As independant Consultants we are not bound by Bylaws which determine the fees set and charged, this is how we are able to offer a consistantly competitive fee structure which more often is approximately a saving of over 60%. We understand that in an ever changing world we must adapt to customers requirements.
Our fees are based customer feedback not Association rules which over estimate the fees as they are based on the project cost, and there is no flexability.

An Architectural Technologist provides architectural design services and
solutions. They are specialists in the science of architecture, building design and
construction and form the link between concept and construction. They negotiate the construction project and manage the process from conception through to completion.

With full Professional Indemity Insurance Architectural Technologists like fellow
architects, engineers, surveyors and other professionals within the built environment sector, are able to undertake Design consultancy. Have an uninsured consultant is like having an uninsured driver, whilst it may be cheaper but as you and investing in your home or work project is is not worth the risk.

Professional Indemnity Insurance should be held by all design Consultants
Any service or advice given is subject to duty of care principles regardless of who it is provided to. It is therefore necessary for every consultant who provides services directly to clients shall have a current professional indemnity insurance Professional indemnity insurance (PII) is a cover against allegations of breach of duty of care. Should legal liabilities be established against a professional, this will, subject to terms and conditions, pay for the damages together with any costs awarded against the defendant. Many clients require a designer to have PII in place for their protection. Lending organisations may also require evidence of PII.