Some of our current and former clients comments :

What a great result… we are so thrilled… thank you, thank you… Mr and Mrs S

I am always quite happy to recommend people especially if I am chuffed with what they have done for me. – Mr and Mrs N

We are so so pleased with the approval, thank you so much for doing such a super job! Mr and Mrs R

So glad we stuck with you…. you have a talent, worth the wait, best result ever, thank you… Mr and Mrs M

You are a star… all approved, have to pinch myself – Mr S

I’ve just visited the Cadmonkies website, and you have a nice business over there I have to say, my congratulations!!! – Amy W

We thought you might like to know that our en-suite extension and family bathroom have now been completed.

If you wanted to come and have a look sometime we would be delighted to show you. We are really pleased with the outcome.Just give us a ring or send and email to make sure we will be in. It would be lovely to see you again. Mr and Mrs W

I hope this email finds you well, Here we are 6 months further on and the house you have designed for us is just superb, you should call in a take a look when you have the time, you are more than welcome. Mr and Mrs R

All well thanks very much.We are glad that he contacted you, we always mention you to people if they require an architect, as you have great vision.
I will send some pictures so you can see the results of your design at our house. Mr and Mrs L

Many thanks that’s great I will as and when recommend you as its was such a relief to have someone who listens to what I want and then converts it to what can be done 🙂 – Mr B

We thought you might like to know that our en-suite extension and family bathroom have now been completed.

We would like to accept your very reasonable quote, your initial ideas were great, really looking forward to working with you. Mr and Mrs S

If you wanted to come and have a look sometime we would be delighted to show you. We are really pleased with the outcome.It would be lovely to see you again. Mr and Mrs W

Can you help? we made a big mistake last time, we had a firm in to help with drawing up the plans, we explained what we needed they went away and drew up the plans, unfortunately that was it all with no thought whatsoever. The rooms were impractical and nothing worked! We have been told by a few people that you bring design, function and budget all into consideration. Given the long list of recommendations we feel a lot more comfortable with you. Cheap is not always best… and with such an important decision we need an expert this time somebody who will take care and pride in the preparing our house plans. Mr and Mrs G.

Thank you for taking the time to visit today, we found your advice and insight incredibly useful. Mr and Mrs L

Here we are 6 months further on and the house you have designed for us is just superb, you should call in a take a look when you have the time, you are more than welcome. Mr and Mrs R

One of our projects now on the market – the Estate Agents quote – A substantial five bedroom family home, immaculately designed …

Your flexible working hours is so very much appreciated, but 0345hrs emails is crazy…however keeping in front of the planners has really helped and every body knows you so that has given us so much confidence.

Mr and Mrs E

Thought you might like to see the(almost)finished article……we were in for Christmas.Thanks for your input,we are very pleased with it. Mr and Mrs N

Your designs all work so well, thank you for all the choices and for helping us so much. With your fixed fee and no charge for amending and printing, site visits etc… has saved us so much money…

Mr and Mrs D

Thank you for the formal paperwork, builders start in a week, should get it all done well before Christmas a dream come true, thank you.

Mr and Mrs F

Plans all approved! are you sure no amendments no changes! amazing such a relief we have never had this before….you are a star!

Mr R

Thanks for making the planning so smooth for us and for dropping off the letter.
We are now trying to get some quotes for the works.

Thanks again Mr and Mrs T

I have passed your details to a friends Mum and Dad who are contemplating an extension. We’ve raved about you so they were keen to use you if they could. Mrs P

Having contacted 4 companies you were the only one who was willing to call out at the weekend, and at no cost, your quote is more than acceptable, and would like to go ahead. We are so glad to have met you Mr and Mrs R

Thank you very much for taking the time out over the Easter Weekend to meet with us! Mr and Mrs M

Thanks again. We couldn’t have asked for a better architect! 😃 Mrs P

Great plans, good workable suggestions, we like the entire package, and cannot believe your quote.. simply great value for money, being fixed and no charges for any printing, we are so grateful and feel so lucky to have found you. Mr and Mrs R-J

Thank you for helping our friends out, they had had such a bad experience, you have given them such good advice, they are thrilled with you, just like we were.- Joan and Rob

You are breath of fresh air, at last a firm which listens! – Mr and Mrs E

We are sorry it has taken us a while…. its just that we like all your ideas… you are so calm, always smiling and so full of enthusiasm…thank you for your patience. Claire and Charles

We do like your suggestions, you have an amazing in-sight into space, and the practical tips and ideas are great, well done. Mr and Mrs D

A night in shining armour, the vast experience is reassuring. Julia and Mick

The number of ideas you came up with is fantastic, our dreams are now a reality.- Mr and Mrs R

Thank you for coming out over the weekend, with us both working time in the week is quite difficult. Mr and Mrs c

Your quote is more than acceptable! a truly amazing price, and being fixed is just perfect… Sarah and John

We wanted to say a huge thank you firstly for your wonderful plans but also for your help, advice and input throughout the project.
We are absolutely thrilled with our new home – Mr and Mrs M

The transformation is amazing… you are magic 🙂 thank you so much! Mrs E

Thank you David. We were very impressed with your ideas. We would like to go forward with this and accept your quote. We will make some sketches on the drawing and get it back to you ASAP. Have a good weekend. Mr R

I would just like to say thank you so much for everything, you have been great from start to finish! I will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you. Mrs K

Although not finished, the house has been transformed – we have loads of space and the kitchen in particular is fantastic. Thank you for the design – it will be a fab house. – Mrs L

….. please find details below from Cadmonkies – as discussed we cannot recommend them highly enough for your own future project. Not only has their work been professional, and inspiring, they proved to be such an asset to the project – and have no doubt they would be able to design something truly amazing for your own project.

We love the sketches of the ground and first floor, so based on that and a high reccommendation from Paul, we are very happy to proceed with yourself. – Miss R

Hugely belated thanks for the regs – they are being duly distributed and you have done a great job! Marvellous. Mrs A-T

The house you designed for me is fantastic, you overcame all the constraints, and the floor plans is idea – shall be recommending you whenever I can – Thanks Mr H

Thanks for the message – so pleased Planning has been approved, so glad we found you, you managed to provide us with a wonderful design – build starts in two weeks. Mr and Mrs G.

The last company managed to get planning on the third attempt, and we had to pay the full amount 3 times!! – The building Regulations plans you prepared are just great and at a fraction of the fee we were about to pay – Mr and Mrs W.

These are great. I will certainly be recommending you to others. What do we owe you and how can we pay? Mr and Mrs K

The works to the garage/studo are complete, – Graham Peckover did a great job, thanks for your recommendation. The design you produced was excellent, and the end result matched it. I also passed on your details to our neighbours who are looking at doing some major works. Best Regards Mr and Mrs R

Hi …..Channel 4 needs your help, for a new Sarah Beeny programme… watch this space…

Being film directors we are always on the move, being able to get in contact with you has been a great help, thanks again Mr D

Thank you for all your help. Now put your fees up, just found your old Invoice …you charged us the same as we paid you 6 years ago!! – Brill extension to our new home. Mr and Mrs S

We could not see how to get the best use out of our home… until you came along. Functional, cost effective and an architectural marvel. Great job – pure inspiration. Mrs H

You came very highly recommended to us, and on the very first meeting, gave us some great ides, your design ability is a great gift. Thank you.. Mr and Mrs T.

Our designer does not do digital plans, and we want to undertake amendments to the plans. We are so pleased that you were able to transfer the plans in a digital form overnight, the flexability has inspired us and as you never charge for amendments we feel totally satisfied with the service Cadmonkies has to offer. – Mr and Mrs S

I have been working with a local firm of Architects, doing a great job, but money is tight as we need all available capital in order to complete the works. Your fees are so unbelievably low, we are amazed when the service was the same in fact quicker, and you are about 7 days a week, which is a great help. Great service – Mr G

Our Architect was unable to fit us in as he was due to go on leave! Lucky for us he recommended you. We are so pleased to be able to relax knowing our application has been lodged before he even gets back from his break… fantastic thank you – Mr and Mrs J

Your suggestions were great, Planning Permission granted in no time at all. Thank you. Mr T

The roof terrace of our dreams, pure genius…. Mr G

Harmony, and true pure design values, simply a piece of art. We have just had the house re-valued, we have increased the value by more than 50% of the cost of the extension. We are so pleased with your efforts, can not thank you enough. Tina and John.

What a wonderful company, a dream to work with. – Jo

Thanks for letting me know. I should take this opportunity to also thank you for your part in helping us to realise our ambitions for the property. It really has made an even bigger difference than we had hoped it would. Mr S

“You quoted, measured and submitted our application within 7 days, great work, thank you for fitting us in” Mrs T

“Thank you for all your help, great that Planning was approved we can now move to the next stage” Mr and Mrs W.

“Great. please can we instruct you to do the work for us. 7th person we saw and the best” Mr and Mrs L.

To quote – “An architect is the drawer of dreams” , and while they dream Cadmonkies gets the job done at a fraction of the cost without any hassle. Thanks David – A great scheme worthy of an award! – Bill and Tracey

Your flexible working arrangements are a great help. The weekend meetings work well, as we both have such busy week days. The plans are an inspiration, and we have had some many positive comments, which is so reassuring. Many thanks again – Mrs F

Having interviewed 5 Architects, wished we had come to you first! Your charges were less than 10% of the cheapest quote we had, you have no hidden extras, and plans look great, and passed by the Council in a blink of an eye. Thank you. Mr G and Mrs H.

You came very highly recommended, polite, and full of energy, great ideas, we are just so excited, thanks for all your help… and put your prices up!!!! – Love you – Tom and Suzie

We have been planning our extension for the past year, plan after plan, after plan, and we thought we had it just right….. until Cadmonkies came along. We should have called you in from the start. You came with not 1 but 3 completely different schemes, which saved us money, and gave us a dream house, totally gobsmacked. Well done. Mr and Mrs T
We were so pleased with your service we shall gladly recommend you to all our friends. Mr and Mrs T

You beat every quote, wished we had rung you first, so glad you could fit us in straight away too. Regards Mrs M

Cadmonkies – a brilliant choice, a fixed cost no pressuse sell, free site visit, no hidden costs, just honest hard working company, with no strings attached – a very rare thing these days!. Mr R

Thank you for the competitive quote. As your price is based on actual time spent on the job, and not on a percentage of the cost of the work, it gave us great confidence to know that you had our best interest at heart. On the money we saved we bought and paid for our new super Kitchen, thanks. Mr and Mrs R

Cadmonkies – what a great name! so glad you were able to fulfill our dreams and on budget. Mr and Mrs W

Having interviewed 5 other Architectural companies, you are the only practice which get 5 out of 5 from us. You have been an absolute star, well done. Mr E

We are so glad that you stopped us buying the conservatory, the solid roof with the rooflight gives us plenty of light and the room is now in constant use, rally don’t know where we be without it, great design!, Mr and Mrs M

It has been over a year now since the extesion has been completed, I am so happy with what you created I just had to write and say a big Thank you. You are most welcome to come and have a look whenever you are passing. – Dr C

Our builder said he has seen Cadmonkies plans so many times before. He said you will not beat his price or service. He was so right, Building Regulations approved with no fuss, and we moved in last week. Thank you for making our dream a reality. Best wishes – Paul and Mary.

We had 4 Architects in before you came recommended, wish we had come to you in the first place, at almost a 1/4 of the cost of the other quotes, no fuss, quick, professional service. Some proper plans at last our builder said – Planning Permission approved in no time at all, keep up the good work. Mr C

You have worked on almost every house in our village!, what a charming manner you have. We felt at ease after just 2 minutes on the phone, no hard sell, an all inclusive fixed quote. Brilliant service. Mrs F

Your quote was so competitive, we thought there was a catch!, no catch just a honest price from a very hard working professional company, well done. Mr D

Thank you for all your recent help. Our last Architect had left us in quite a mess, we are so glad we found you, and that you were able to sort it out so quickly. Mr and Mrs N

It has been a pleasure speaking with you and I hope to work with you again in the near future.
P.s – We all agree that your company has the best name ever!!!! – Ms s

You have been recommended to me by the lady who cuts our hair, by the man who cleans our windows, the man who fixed our fence, by the lady at the café, the Estate Agent who sold us our house, and by the man at the Garage where we took our car for its MOT. I just had to tell you, they all said that you are a great helpful company, and I am so glad to be part of your family. Lol… Mrs D

We had never met, but we have come across your plans so many times before. When we explained our dilemma having been let down by our usual firm, you rose to the challenge with such great enthusiasm, and put us back on track in no time at all. My Directors have asked me to pass on there sincere thanks. – Welcome to the team. DW Associates(London)

My client was very impressed as was I with your work and your attention to detail. I have worked in London for many years with different Architect firms from large to small. You call yourself an Architectural Technologist… more like Architectural wizard. The schemes you have prepared are some of the best we have ever seen. We asked for a couple of schemes and you produced 10 in no time at all, each with detail and innovation. Mr S

As usual you always amaze me. I send the plans at 1am and you have them back to me by 5am. Thanks ever so much, we really appreciate your commitment to helping us.

The revised plans look perfect to me. I will send them to the solicitor now and to the rest of my team members here just for a final view – Mr U

We had another quote, before yours, they wanted money for a survey, money for supervising, money for every visit, money for travelling…. all I want is an extension, I have a builder waiting. Your quote was very reasonable, the plans were perfect and the Planning Lady said she has worked with you for over 7 years, thank you. Mrs M

Do you visit on Sunday? If you do I will make you a nice cup of tea to make it worth your while. Mr D

Thank you for all the diffrent designs, your ideas are great, we are so pleased you have come up with so many suggestions, we now know what we want. Mrs J

Hi I know its late (2340hrs) but can you come over tomorrow I have a free afternoon, and I would like some advice and a quote to do some Building Plans for a rear extension, I live in Harlow. Mr B

I was given your name by two seperate local builders they both said you are the most competitive and the hardest working Architectural Design company they know, and you vist at the weekend too. – Mrs D

The Council have approved our plans, so thanks and the builder said he does not need any Building Regulation plans as the plans you prepared are clear and easy to follow. – Mr E

Your ideas have given us more space, with a cheaper build cost, thanks. Mr and Mrs N

You have saved us! When the last company went under we thought that was it, your ideas, and money saving suggestions, means that we can get the job completed after all, and in time for the new arrival. Life saver. Mr and Mrs B

Well done boy! The extra house on the site is brilliant, we trusted you, and you delivered. Mr K

Thanks for coming over, we really did appreciate your advice, you have some great ideas. Don’t worry about the quote, what ever it is we want you to do the designs for our home, we can’t wait to see the 3D models. You really did not have to take off your shoes off! Mr and Mrs P

We had 2 other companies to look at the house, they spent a couple of hours between them, looking around. You have given us more information just a ten minute phone call than the two of them put together. You have got the job! Mrs T

So many diffrent designs, so many new ideas, we are spoilt for choice, thank you. Mrs A

So good to find a company that do not mind doing small jobs. Our porch looks great.
Thanks Mrs G

What a genius… a great way to use the space, and a huge cost saving idea.
Thanks . Mrs G

The extension is now finished, your recommended builders were first class, and your designs are brilliant. Mr and Mrs W.

You have created a new home, we can not believe the transformation.
Mr and Mrs S.

The house was sold to the first viewer, for the asking price, they were blown away by your fab designs. We are sad to have to leave it, but we have enjoyed the last four years. As soon as we are settled in we need you to come and work some more of your magic, on our new home. Mr and Mrs T.

Your ideas for the barn, were very much appreciated, creating the extra unit, was a work of art. Mr A.

Is there no end to your sense of space, the flats have both been let, in fact there was a queue of people wanting to rent them Mr K

What a joy to work with you, you are an inspiration. Mr and Mrs H

We should have come to you before spending weeks on doing sketch after sketch, thrilled that it took you just 30 minutes to put all our dreams into a reality, the builder started last week. Some of the best plans they have ever worked from. Cheers mate. Mr and Mrs S

Thanks for working with us to achieve the dream extension, so glad we took your advice. The planning Officer was very complementary about you plans. Take care Mr and Mrs B

We have passed you name onto some more of our friends, how about some commission? Only joking thanks for your continued support, great ideas. Mr J

You have turned an old bungalow into a work of art, a thrilling conversion, now we have a dream house. Mr and Mrs M.

When do you have a day off! The speed at which you got the scheme off the ground was a great help, and saved us a packet. Really thanks for fitting us in so quickly, but stop working through the night! Mr G

At last we have found a company that has the client’s best interest at heart. I have never met somebody was takes such pride in there work. It was a great help all the furniture including the piano fitted like a glove. Your ideas for the en-suit were brilliant, so glad we found you. Mr and Mrs M.

Thanks for all your hard work, your quote was a third of the next nearest, and you worked so tirelessly to keep the planners happy, well done. Mr and Mrs T

The lanterns and the flat roof are the business, our friends don’t want to leave e now help. The Kitchen is the heart of the house, its lovely. Take care Mrs E

You have a great way with words, and an ever better way with plans. Your designs have worked out beautifully. The views of the garden are magic, just like you said they would be. Thank you so very much. Mr and Mrs R, family and Rufus.

The designs were not very good… they were fantastic, well done, so glad our friends told us about you. You should put your prices up! Be good. Mr and Mrs T

First class work. You have a fantastic insight and an in-depth knowledge of buildings. You were so patient with us, we really have appreciated all your help. Mr and Mrs H

Our Bedroom is great, a huge improvement, and the ground floor improvements have also worked out so well. Merci Mr and Mrs G

Thank you for saving us! Planning Permission was granted this week, what a great relief. Great service. Mr and Mrs R.

We are so pleased with the porch, so glad you could find the time to come and sort out the detailing. Mr F

We move in next week, thanks for sorting out the Planning Permission before we moved in. Regards Max.

Our workload can and does constantly vary, cadmonkies gives us the flexibility to manage this perfectly…. we have been delighted with the reliable and professional service provided.
– KJL Architecture, Buckingham.

We needed a reliable service, that could deliver. that’s why we chose cadmonkies.
– Steve Bradley ABBA PLUMBING LTD,
Northampton CORGI registered

We have a wide established variety of clients, who are already benefiting from the special terms offered to registered clients.

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